Zensor provides monitoring packages with end-to-end responsibility for specific applications including On- and Offshore Wind turbine support structures, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Large civil infrastructure, Buried storage tanks and (Petro)chemistry.  Our solutions include engineering, sensors, logging units, data treatment and automated reporting.  The 'engineers in a box' continuously watch over your installations, send out alarms when things tend to go wrong and provide periodic reports indicating the present state and what preventive repair is required: the ultimate tool for risk reduction and maintenance optimization!

Offshore Environment

Within our focus domains we use combinations of relevant phenomena such as corrosion activity, dynamic behavior (fatigue, amplitudes, damping, eigen frequencies or natural frequencies), stresses, strains, oxygen levels, grout condition, concrete cancer, CP systems (ICCP and SACP), dissolved species, material loss, safety, maintenance planning, operational parameters, meteorological conditions and many more.

More details can be found under the 'Applications' tab.

With our help, you can keep your Zen, as our sensor-based monitoring solutions will keep an eye on all your important assets.


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